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2019 European Hardware Community Awards Winner

European Hardware Awards / 2019 European Hardware Community Awards Winner

Best CPUs

  • AMD

Best Motherboards​​

  • Asus/ROG

Best Memory Modules​​

  • Corsair

Best GPUs​​


Best Graphics Cards​​

  • MSI

Best CPU Air Coolers

  • Noctua

Best CPU Water Coolers (all-in-one)

  • Corsair

Best Custom Cooling

  • Corsair

Best Case Fans

  • Be quiet!

Best Hard Drives

  • Western Digital

Best SSDs

  • Samsung

Best Cases

  • Fractal Design

Best Power Supplies

  • Be quiet!

Best Monitors​​

  • Asus/ROG

Best NAS devices

  • Synology

Best External Storage

  • Samsung

Best Mice

  • Logitech

Best Keyboards

  • Logitech

Best Gaming Headsets

  • Sennheiser

Best Headphones

  • Sennheiser

Best Speakers (including PC-Speakers and Bluetooth Speakers)

  • Bose

Best Routers

  • AVM

Best VR

  • Oculus

Best Gaming Chairs

  • DXRacer

Best Mini-PCs

  • Intel

Best Desktop Gaming PCs

  • Dell/Alienware

Best Non-Gaming Laptops

  • Lenovo

Best Gaming Laptops

  • MSI

Best 2-in-1s (Hybrid Tablet/Notebook)

  • Microsoft

Best Smartphones

  • Samsung

Best Wearables

  • Samsung

Best Smart Home Products

  • Google (Home)

Best TVs

  • Samsung

These are the Winner of the European Hardware Community Awards 2019, if you want to find out who the Finalists are click below button.

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